How Email Marketing Works?

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Email marketing is the most popular marketing technique nowdays. There are certain reasons of it, e.g. it is economical, ease of use and traceable etc.

Here are some tips for effective email marketing-

1- Keep sending offer, wishes and new service/product launch emails to your potential and existing customers.

2- If you are using images to your emailer then use eye-catchy and high resolution images. These will attract to your customers.

3- Keep email language very simple and easy to understand. For example – If you are a car dealer and purchase and sale old cars. Putingt a line like like “Sell your car in a single visit” instead of “Visit our showroom and get paid instantly on selling your car” is more easy to understand.

4- Make clear and easy to find “Buy Now”/ “Call Us”/”Call to Action” button. It must always be functioning.

5- Subject line of tje email must not have more than 7 words. Subject line must give perfect clue what you want to say in the email body.


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