How to become a consultant not a just sales man

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When a salesman sale any product or service, he only thinks about himself or the money that he is going to be earned from the that client. But he does not think about the client.

Of-course every salesman go to the clients for selling and making money. Sales is all about building relationship not just earning money or closing a deal.

So these are the some points that can make you from sales man to sales consultant.

  • Think about customers too.
  • Pay attention to customer’s requirements.
  • Do not focus on himself but on themself.
  • Tell relavent stories.
  • If possible, do not try to sell in first meeting. But just meet and gather requirements.
  • Build relationship.
  • If they offer you coffee/tea etc. never deny.
  • Respect and follow their office’s rules and regulations.
  • Support them through out the journey.
  • Send them festival/birthday/anniversary wishes personally.
  • If possible, offer a coffee.

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