Problem Solving Approch

All the individuals mutually discuss their entrepreneurial problems in a channelized manner and end up with only a perfect solutions.

EGO Breakdown

Break from the egg shell and stand on your feet, achieve the goals that you meant to be.The activity breaks the ice and gets your mind in a broad thoughtful state.

Jyotshi activity - Face Reading

This activities brings out the truth on individual's face, quite intense yet helps an individual to gain confidence as an entrepreneur, helps in team building.

Disaster Management

Whoo! disaster happened in life - The not so common in today's time - "relationship break-ups", No family support, No finance and a lot more. This activity gives a motivation on how to manage and overcome these "disasters".

Discuss failures

Lets openly loot each other failures, let us give us a chance via this thrilling and most daring activity to beat down our fears and turn our failures to optimistic path.

Role Play

After all, it’s all about your attitude towards life! So Let’s be billionaires for some time and see if our attitude reflects that! Via this role-play, you get the side-kick you need.